Overcome His Affair And Reclaim Your Self-Esteem | Marriage Breakups

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Feeling worthless and rejected after his affair?

After ten years of marriage how could he cheat on me?

How could he take the chance of losing me… just for an affair?

Or losing our relationship together after all this time, after all the dreams and plans we’ve made together for our future.

What about our children and all the shared life, memories and knowledge of each other?

What did they do together?

What did they say together?

Is it just a bad dream or did he really do this awful thing to us?

I know it’s hard to take, but yes… I’m afraid he did.

But even worse than all that… one of the biggest, and hardest, things to overcome after you discover the infidelity is how it makes YOU feel as a person.

Somehow, your self-esteem vanishes. You end up feeling worthless and rejected, even though you have done nothing wrong. Just knowing about the affair and all the lies and cheating that went along with it is enough to make you question yourself.

It’s your husband that has done all the wrong, it’s his adulterous behavior that’s made your past life together almost meaningless, HE introduced this whole mess into your family.

So why is it YOU that feels so bad?

Why do YOU think so negatively about yourself?

In truth, your lack of confidence and respect for yourself is a very common experience for almost everyone who discovers their partner in life has been cheating on them.

It’s not fair… but, it’s what happens all the same.

And to make matters worse, your self-doubt is not the only negative thoughts you’re having to deal with.

The affair itself, the other person, the details…

It’s only natural to obsess over particular matters concerning the affair.

Your feelings are all over the place. Making decisions, even just day to day ones, are no longer simple and automatic.

Your life has become chaotic and unpredictable.

You need to get that sense of order and predictability back into your life once more. To feel a real sense of power and control over your world again.

You need to reclaim your life after he cheated on you...

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